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    World Pretty Much Over?

    Gentlemen, I will remind that you watch your language on the forums and that double posting is not allowed on the forums. Please use the edit button if you wish to add more to your post.
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    Holiday Pot Luck

    Come on y'all, I'm excited to see what you all got! And, as an added bonus, to the winner, I will personally make your recipe and give it a review and take a picture of it for proof. I won't lie, I'll also probably steal your other recipes too because I love to cook and try new things. Come...
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    Competition Make a Dev Happy or Sad!

    No, I volunteer to assist a community I care about on a game I loved playing. :p
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    Rupea Realm Competitions

    Well said Kavendar! Thank you
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    Rupea Realm Competitions

    Thank you Cap
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    Rupea Realm Competitions

    :rolleyes: Kumquat
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    Automated Farming Could Save This Game

    You really think so Mo? Cause that's what I'm doing every day sir.
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    Automated Farming Could Save This Game

    I assure you we are actively searching and banning anyone who is scripting and using bots. That goes for ANYONE caught using such methods to progress themselves in any way.
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    Rupea Realm Competitions

    Let me remind everyone here that this entire argument is unnecessary and inappropriate. If it continues then I will have no option but to close this thread. Playful banter and trash talk are fine but I will not tolerate personal attacks of calling people inappropriate names. If you want to...
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    Lets Make the Forums Great Again

    :p Well, our names are purple but I'm seeing blue menu bar and background so who knows. lol Wait, no my name is blue as well. Yours IS purple but mine is blue. o_O
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    Gwendoline Wheel Returns

    Gwendoline's Game returns! Welcome Tribal Warriors and archers! Gwendoline has returned with challenges ready for you! So for the next 4 days show off your archer skills and collect amazing rewards. From the 19th of November until the 22nd of November show that your aim is true, in the...
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    New Issue Building Queue

    My pleasure :D
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    Indefinite Gwen

    :eek::rolleyes: That was my bad. :p
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    New Issue Building Queue

    It's been passed along. Thanks for letting us know! :D