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  1. The Ongoing Saga Of B-W/R.W

    He retired, great player though. He helped me adjust from tw1 to here. Might be on the international servers
  2. Map of the Top 5

    When I started these maps for my tribe they were a top 10 map, not 5. I did have more colors, but it ended up being too clustered so I recently cut the map to a top 5. The reason the colors haven't changed are because every so often I do a .gif map for my tribe so we can see which tribes moved...
  3. Map of Kronborg top 10 tribes

    Lots of internals we're finishing nobling. As for your squad we were probably focusing elsewhere until just recently. I've been able to take provinces nearly by myself in this world and I'm hardly close to the best NAO member.
  4. Map of the Top 5

    1st Gold 2ND red, 3rd pink, 4th purple, 5th blue. These are the colors for how I usually do my maps. If this one is different I probably changed it without noticing lol As for the 3rd tribe in the kis family I will leave them to answer that since I am not a part of their tribe.
  5. Map of the Top 5

    Forgot to mention why I did that. I added them in as the same color of kis so that we would get a more accurate representation of the kis family. I didn't add the 3rd tribe because I'm lazy, and it wouldn't impact the map much.
  6. Map of the Top 5

    Hey look, a map. A little outdated, but tw tools seems to be down.
  7. Map of the Top 5

    Your tribe has twice our members. All your tribe mates could literally do half as much as HUG and still get all the achievements. I'm not calling OTA bad in any way because you do have some good members, but bragging about getting all the tribe achievements for the day is pretty trivial.
  8. RIP Servers...

    Well guys, I would love to stick around and chat, but I don't.
  9. RIP Servers...

    Probably never
  10. RIP Servers...

    You don't understand me jaded. I need these ez bake ovens so my troops can start baking goods and sell them for coins. It's strictly professional
  11. RIP Servers...

    7 bars of chocolate?? What do you take me for, a fool? You keep making outrageous offers like that and I'll send my heely troops to conquer your land
  12. RIP Servers...

    See rum, this is why I recruited you in the first place. I know a man wealthy in ez bake ovens when I see one
  13. RIP Servers...

    Pfft, you use a notebook? I use a etcha sketch
  14. RIP Servers...

    I'll give you 20 quid and the rights to my villages tobacco plantation for 2 of your finest ez bake ovens
  15. RIP Servers...

    I think my next step is to map out all my battle plans with play doh. I'm gonna mold myself out of pink play doh. Jaded, I would appreciate it if you quit eating all my green play doh, not cool.