My grandfather worked for the Air Force in the 60's. He was helping build a brand new thing called programming languages (specifically COBOL, for you fellow old-timers.) One spring day he took my 8 year old self onto Wright-Patterson AFB and taught me octal. For two weeks after, I made my teachers specify the base for their arithmetic problems... :D

But Grandpa John knew what he was doing. He hooked me completely on computers and programming. And what an exciting time it was to get into that field! I slung code and managed small groups until a buddy started a small ISP. I quit my safe, salaried position to join him. That started an eventful and rough-and-tumble trip through the innards of the Internet boom.

But then I decided to have a little fun. I bailed on programming and technical management in 2003, and bought a brick and mortar game store. I built diverse communities of gamers there until I sold the place in the summer of 2018. (Warhammer, Warmachine/Hordes, or Magic: The Gathering, anyone? ...Better bring your A game!)

I am a relative newcomer to Tribal Wars 2, but I see a strong, deep game with a veteran player base. I am looking forward to being part of this community!


Best Regards,
CaptC (call me Cap)




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