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    World Over

    It is hard to monitor the size of tribes without support from the game. Without in-game support, I do not expect that we will try that experiment again.
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    World Over

    We have players registering that they want to stay at 2000 points, both here and in tickets. That is sufficient, so Queen's Sconce will remain 2000 points. I have fixed the Queen's Sconce text description.
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    World Over

    Hmmmm. We do have a text inconsistency between the announcement post and the forum description. The forum text was mistakenly set to 1500. (I wish someone had noted this earlier, rather than at the last minute - but it was my mistake, and I will own it.) We have heard the players asking for...
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    Save/Revitalize the game

    My thoughts on coops are a little more along the lines of "give a player control over his account" and "if a player isn't playing, close the account". Each account owner should have permission lists they can use to control what the coop can do, and everything is legal after that. Couple it with...
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    News Visegrad begins March 24th!

    Greetings Tribal Warriors! Our new realm will be starting soon, called Visegrad or US48. We hope you will enjoy starting a new challenge! Name: Visegrad Number: US48 Start date: Mar 24, 2020 Victory point world? No, Domination! Night Bonus: no Relocation: yes Best regards, your Tribal Wars...
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    Battle reports here!

    For an entry to count, we need to see your opponent's casualty list. For battles that you lost, you normally need your opponent to post their side of the battle report. That is the only way to get an accurate record of the damage you caused. In order to give your opponent a reason to help you...
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    Domination reached

    Becky, I am sorry to hear about your family member. As to the rest of the community... I am impressed that this conversation occurred without me having to hide or edit anything. (LOL) It is possible to get salty without crossing lines.
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    Easy spy queing

    I have escalated this suggestion up the chain.
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    February Battle Reports

    I only measure what the game gives us. If the losses in your battle report include support, then I guess so. I am not overly worried either way. I think this is a hard sell: "Hey fun time, can you send me a bunch of troops to get slaughtered so I can win a few crowns on the monthly challenge?"
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    March Sneak Attacks!

    This world will be closing soon. Get your sabotage done and reported!
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    Domination reached

    Thank for the notice, I will start the closing process. You have about a week until the world will be closed permanently.
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    Event March Gwendoline Dates

    We always get a rash of Gwendoline tickets, so a few gentle reminders: If you have won items like troops, resources, coins, coins/village, or nobles, these items are added to your inventory automatically by the game. You must redeem those items from your inventory to claim your prize. This...
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    Event March Gwendoline Dates

    Gwendoline's Game returns! Welcome Tribal Warriors and archers! Gwendoline has returned with challenges ready for you! So for five days show off your archer skills and collect amazing rewards. From March 18 until March 22 show that your aim is true, in the different wheels, and be handsomely...
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    March Sneak Attacks!

    Post your screenshots of successful sabotage reports here, for the month of March! You get points for the levels of buildings destroyed using the table found at Points table - Tribalwars2 EN Wiki Prizes will be awarded on or near the first day of the month, for the...
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    February Sneak Attacks!

    Congrats to thesaboteur and maxicat!