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    Navardun Realm Competitions

    3rd to 5 vp points of you cant give it to edhew
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    Navardun Realm Competitions 3rd to 100k obp
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    Crushem Updates

    I find it interesting on the gap in bash in the world. 1st CIA 2.4 Mil total bash 2nd Win 2.2 Mil 3rd HYP 300k
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    No Coin World

    There was no need for it. I am not directing my frustration at you.
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    No Coin World

    Wouldn't be creating a whole new game. Just editing some of the coding. When coding autonomous cars we don't create a whole new program because you don't want a turn signal light to turn on. "We make way too much damn money to care about the community" That is a response I would be satisfied with.
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    No Coin World

    Put your manager on the phone.
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    No Coin World

    It would be great to see this. Market it to other servers that the US will host a 'no coin' or even 'limited coin' world. Maybe let people still use coins on tribe leveling so you guys can still make some money. Let the coiners still boost their rss levels if you want. I hate rangers and...
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    Colors for farming

    I am just curious on the farming benefits. Like just because you haven't farmed a village in 5 hours doesn't mean it is full. It has probably been farmed 20+ times by other players.
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    Top 5 map

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    top 25 in battle statistics offense and defense

    Gibberish noun unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing; nonsense
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    Win Crowns Realm Competitions

    Call to arms
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    top 25 in battle statistics offense and defense

    Throwing gibberish around so early in the world.
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    Urquhart Banter!

    Can't even consider it trolling. More like random blabbering.
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    Urquhart Castle Realm Competitions

    You make me happy Kikicaylan