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  1. K World TV News

    Let me get this straight... you left behind and turned upon the entire tribe, about 40 something people that had absolutely nothing to do with all of this, because of what one or two guys did to some player, including (that's the 'best' part) said player, who got long since compensated already...
  2. Start

    inb4 inno starts banning people for using these kind of scripts to help themselves out, but still doesn't provide anything else to the players
  3. TW2-tools Survey

    > calls tw2-tools a cheat sheet, because it helps people not having to manually keep track of stuff > demands farm scripts so people don't have to do stuff manually anymore Idk man. I understand that manually farming is annoying, but somehow this contradicts each other
  4. Start

    Can you tell us what it is that has to happen to make it matter to Innogames whether we like it or not, kiki?
  5. Start

    What. A. Bummer. I'm really starting to think that Inno wants to make it easy for us to quit their game for good. Otherwise there's no explanation for their decisions. Uhm, yeah... we don't like it. We really don't. Apparently that doesn't matter tho.
  6. TW2-tools Survey

    I don't think Inno will care one bit. They never do. But anyways... 1) How long have you been playing TW2? Since it came out of CB. 2) How many times per week do you use TW2-tools? Especially in the early - mid game, countless times... daily basis. And that just as a regular player. As a...