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  1. Victory Conditions

    Got to be fair with Dom worlds and the 80% rule I have seen twice where a tribe entered the 70% domination phase and still lost the world. Especially now with small worlds getting a small but powerful tribe to overcome that threshold is even more likely . as for vp with the size of the worlds...
  2. Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    they usually run 2 of each and K and M are both Dom . if a VP closes another one rises to take its place much like a bad case of hemorrhoids
  3. Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    yet I log in and see the evil vp rankings
  4. Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    I logged in it was vp
  5. Navardun

    I use to go by Sir Weldon back in the day but after they banned blade I left and started this account a few worlds later
  6. Crushem Updates

    On a side note . WIN leads with 4.9 million bash and CIA is 2nd with 4.2 million bash while HYP can not be taken seriously when 5 players individually have more OBP than all 100 players there combined as they sit with 360 Thousand offensive bash and 1.2 million defensive bash. WIN and CIA are...
  7. Crushem Updates

    6/30/2019 Weekly Update So there has been some movement and some shifts albeit the world remains close. The NW remains locked down for CIA except for a province or two infected by HYP or what we like to call at CIA expansion opportunities . The SE is rigidly in control of WIN at the core...
  8. Reported cant farm

  9. Navardun Realm Competitions

    @CaptC This should close out this competition I believe
  10. Crushem Updates

    This little thing happened shortly after my update @reuscher 1v1
  11. Crushem Updates

    6/23/2019 Update . The North West is still locked down for CIA and the South East similarly locked down for WIN . Win heavy hitters are closer to the core and accruing a lot of offensive bash. conquests are advantage CIA at this point and the over all terrain has changed very little and I would...
  12. Reported cant farm

    come join us on N world . its been pretty even so far
  13. Crushem Updates

    6/17/2019 Update: well everything is still fairly status quo. WIN players were able to guess correctly and stack a village I was looking to take in the SW core killing 22k ax 370 rams & 600+ ma and two nobles just from me . no major breaks on either side in what at the moment remains a slight...
  14. Crushem Updates

    will the biggest news is that the #1 player by certain metrics Generalmax has moved over to our tribe leaving his tribe in the hands of Biz. as for the positioning so far everything remains status quo. I am hoping to up my offensive bash a bit as some players have crawled to with in 10-20 k of...