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  1. Competition Don't Forget The Fathers!

    so fathers are not worth as much as mothers. mother's day got 50 crowns for entering
  2. Competitions

    it would have been nice if in case of ties that the ones that tied and didn't get chosen to be one of the winners could have received maybe 100 crowns for the tie
  3. Winterstein Special Challenge

    TH2 has gone over the 65 member limit, so down to 5 tribes
  4. So who's coming?

    O*E does not threaten members, get your facts straight
  5. Winterstein Special Challenge

    Great now we just need more tribes to step up what is the dead line for entering?
  6. Winterstein Special Challenge

    Why don't they put the smilies in the game?
  7. Winterstein Special Challenge

    I was wondering where you got off to
  8. Winterstein Special Challenge

    O*E tribe will enter One tribe
  9. Online Time?

    i'm on the first there, barb is 4+ hours away
  10. Closed Tribal Wars 2 4th of July Lottery

    I submit numbers 48, 143, 248