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  1. Top 5 Tribes

    Good luck.
  2. Coven (vVv) NorthWest

    Thanks :). Don't worrie Coven will make S.S eat their words.
  3. Top 5 Tribes

    At this very moment Coven Oh theirs a plan. :D S.S will soon see. Coven isn't the only tribe they need to worrie about. What's trash is everyone here letting their ego's get the best of them. Just wait and everyone will see the true Coven. We were Number 1 in the beginning and will be number 1...
  4. Coven (vVv) NorthWest

    lol i'm doing just fine recruiting.
  5. Coven (vVv) NorthWest

    Yes i agree
  6. Top 5 Tribes

    Soon Very soon. Going to Make S.S food.
  7. Top 5 Tribes

    Yeah Conquest to MERGE INTO Coven. LOL Same With S.S. a MERGE INTO Coven. Don't get ur stuff twisted. Noobs i swear. Also Coven was also at war with LOA and TFM. lmfao.
  8. Coven (vVv) NorthWest

    Hello, I Am EvilPual777 President of Coven. If anyone wants to join a active growing tribe and are in the Northwest. Feel Free to message MrYeyo for a invite. Tell him a little about yourself. 1. Past Experience 2. Past Servers 3. Old Tribes THE IMMORTAL COVEN LIVES ON!!!!
  9. Top 5 Tribes

    You all are braging about being Top 5 Tribe, while Coven sits back and grows massive with it's 95 members all in a core to the west behind our ally H-H. S.S will not be in end game. If it is, they will die. I can see it. Coven vVv is not out of the server. Just relocated and gotten stronger...
  10. Top 5 Tribes

    I'm the Leader of Coven. We not Once tried to Merge with ANY Tribe. LMFAO.