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    Cannot Reproduce Ranger Tooltip Bug

    I am playing on Chrome Version 59.0.3071.115 64-bit. Bug is occurring on US22. Whenever I mouse over the ranger's portrait, in either the attack screen or preset creation, the game freezes. The tooltip does not even need to appear for the game to freeze, it happens the moment my mouse passes...
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    Map Thread

    Yes, many strong players in D-W. It has me all excited. Also, I strongly suspect at this point in the game any tribe that was all in with either big tribe has folded into them already. Politics can become very fragile if things start to stall out.
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    Map Thread

    There aren't really 7 tribes left, so I didn't feel right using the other thread.
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    Suggestions for retaining Newer Players and Keep world Growing

    Hmmm. Maybe double down, with a second layer of morale calculations? Peak world score, perhaps? A big player attacking someone fresh starting would have it bad on both penalties; a freshly rimmed player would have a small disadvantage against a fresh join; two freshly rimmed players would have...
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    I can think of one solid exception. ;);)
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    35k Pop army

    No, they'd never show up on the away units for this village unless they belonged to this village.
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    So who's coming?

    Found this gif of jpex riding a bike.
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    More Colour to diplomacy

    TFW the sequel leaves out key features.
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    Taxing the Realm

    That literally sounds like the argument FOR putting it at level 30 HQ.
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    A wash?

    You know what? I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. Worlds would last longer if y'all nobled more barbs.
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    So who's coming?

    I mean, no one showing up to the new server would be the best way to say we don't think there should be a new server.:cool:
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    Word on the Street

    I may've noticed that.... ;)
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    Top 5 Map

    Yeah that world wasn't very kind to the established tribes that went into it.
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    Word on the Street

    I never leave for more than a year at a time.
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    A wash?

    One less open server at a time might fix a number of these problems we've got with quick world closures.