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  1. New start

    Hey there, I thought about starting this game again. How old is this world and how is it going?
  2. Scouting Support

    Okay.. I read both things now... Do you get bashpoints for supporting too or just the defender whoes village is being attacked?
  3. Scouting Support

    So even checking for bashpoints won't work?
  4. Scouting Support

    /bump Does anyone know this?
  5. Scouting Support

    I thought IF you get dbp you get them for killing units as a defender. not losing them....
  6. Scouting Support

    I've planned to check for the bashpoints before and after sending some fakes but I've read somewhere else in the forum that defensive bash points don't go up for the supporting player, only for the defending one. What is true now?
  7. Scouting Support

    Hey guys, we have a problem in our world that one player of an enemy tribe apparently has support of one of the members of our allies. 1. Is there a way to scout supporting units in a village? 2. If there are supporting units. Is there a way to find out who sent them?