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    So what you're saying is that all 10 actives can't get back together and form a tribe? Takes 2 minutes. All you have lost is dead wood - yes it will affect your rankings but they would have gone barb anyway if they were red. Only difference is that now everyone knows they were inactive. all...
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    so what, all the others are coops? multi-accounting? pushing?
  3. Rupea Realm Competitions

    why do you assume they are only fighting you?
  4. Rupea Realm Competitions

    OP got smashed by you? How many villages did you take? Cos I'm watching the world and I'm not seeing much smashing going on - a couple of villages maybe, but I don't call that smashing..... Concerning the player base having to do what they can to balance teams - surely the developers can do...
  5. Rupea Realm Competitions

    So you just admitted your game play is dumb and ruins the game? Players grouping up is called a's called tribal wars for a reason...the clue is in the name. By your previous posts, OP aren't the "best players" so them grouping up shouldn't bother you. So what is it about them that...
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    They weren't recruited, they are his followers because he is a god..he could do nothing to stop them joining. I'm sure he wanted to stay elite and fight with just a couple of his closest buds...Mr Access and and Mr Visa.
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    Oh...and aren't you allied with some other tribes or does IKO stand alone? (By the way I know the answer so don't be telling lies my little sugar plum)
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    This is hilarious... Surely god's don't need crowns and rangers...aren't they omnipotent? You must have maxed your mum's credit card bill, she'll cut off your internet access soon and make you go to bed early