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  1. War with A.A

    Tok baby, we play w16 together. :((
  2. War with A.A

    Heck no! We need to secure our provinces for the future of all wh- wait that is sounding a little weird.
  3. DD214 recruitment

    So, what makes your tribe so special? What would make someone want to leave their tribe for yours?
  4. Top 5 Tribes

    You expected me to merge into the Coven title? That was laughable. We didn't in the end, and it proves I made the right choice. vVv is absolute trash, pleading with S.S. in order for us to lay off you guys. The rim is where you belong, with a 51 point village. Nothing about your tribe is...
  5. Top 5 Tribes

    With how Coven bargained with us to take their core villaged in order for us to allow them to fight at the rim is pathetic. They showed their true colours and we walked all over them. Looking at their highest member, 15k points last I checked (?), it's pretty pathetic. They can say they are...
  6. Top 5 Tribes

    Excuse me? You as Coven attempted to merge with my tribe, Conquest, before we decided to become an academy tribe of S.S. I still have the conversations to prove it.
  7. Top 5 Tribes

    I loved how RVS thought that they could keep their NAP with us while slowing merging with TFM members who aren't under attack from us at that moment in time. Instantly tehnax decided to drop the NAP, now you guys are food. We'll be coming for you soon. I believe it's safe to say the core is...
  8. Top 5 Tribes

    Yup, and surprisingly you even gave diplomats an easy path, but they refused... now their members are getting wrecked and crying. haha
  9. Top 5 Tribes

    Sadly not enough TFM around me that isn't claimed by Tribemates. I'll need a noble train before I go any further. :(
  10. Top 5 Tribes

    Huh? I'm in S.S. with Tokano. Did you think I was in TFM?
  11. Top 5 Tribes

    Ouch. Villages lost by TFM to S.S. is 42... While we've lost 6 to TFM. Although TFM are taking quite a few of L/A's villages to make up for it.
  12. Top 5 Tribes

    Hell no. Chrome is my everything. :P
  13. Top 5 Tribes

    Second image doesn't work for me unless I right click and open in a new tab.
  14. Temporary Freedom

    Don't mean to bump this... but... How's the core treating you guys? I heard one of your guys quit, then another got kicked from your tribe? That GayFish sure is a mean guy, huh?

    >leading LEL