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  1. Android APP

    Been using it for a few now. It's nice to be able to send out farm raids from work!
  2. Android APP

    I can't find the Android app in the play store. Any idea when it will become available for Galaxy S4?
  3. Game lags

    Be sure you go into your internet options and delete your temporary internet files. Also clear the cookies from your browser options. See if that helps.
  4. How did you find out about Tribal Wars 2?

    I couldn't get the damn advertisement to stop popping up in my news feed on facebook. I clicked the link on the post but it didn't go away; it's still there. I commented on the post, still there. I shared the post, still there. I've been playing for 3 weeks, still there.
  5. Nobody is active on these forums...Wheres the PnP

    Any word on getting that sticky over on EN server Zeltino?
  6. Barbarian Villages

    You mad Bro?
  7. Barbarian Villages

    Is it just me or are there not enough barb villages? I have a complete shortage of iron too. I'll get a couple hundred of timber and clay and only get around 20 iron.
  8. The Khan - Bastille

    EEK is in Bastille. I might be interested. I'm active everyday in both worlds on the US server and active on the EN server. However, I'm thinking about leaving the EN server and concentrating on the US.
  9. Bastille

    I'm sure there will be one soon.
  10. active movement/online status

    Okay I see. Hopefully we will get the ability to see if our friends and/or tribe members are online
  11. Forum Admin

    Yes In-Game.
  12. New world?

    I'm not sure on this but I don't think a new world will be created until there is more activity and population in this one.
  13. active movement/online status

    I don't see how a generic icon or online status would give someone troop count and/or loyalty number. Can you explain?
  14. Forum Admin

    I was made forum admin but I have no access to create new forum. I checked on the EN server and I have the "New Forum" button over there.
  15. Time Element

    I know how you feel. I work 2nd shift and when I come home for lunch I log on to que up a building and send out troops; even though I only have a few minutes to eat and talk to the wife. She don't like it so much.