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  1. Inactives

    yeah, right after the inactives in my provinces went barb, a bunch of new players spawned next to me. I kinda feel bad for them. I would hate to spawn in the same province as a guy with 100k+ points. might as well just restart.
  2. ...

    in my experience the players who complain the loudest about coiners are the guys who log in once every other day and then can't imagine how they are getting beat by the guy who logs in 20 times a day.
  3. Mood Killer

    why are you even posting lame reports. I got stacks like that of villages i've cleared and taken. I'm sure ice does as well. What does that prove.
  4. Mediator in Gyulai Var

    LMAO, my favorite comment by far. I'm afraid i would do the same thing.
  5. Current Top 10 Tribes

    block, don't worry about me killing off my nobles. I got plenty more for you :) I've been minting coins for awhile i can keep doin this all week. I would say props to Logan for his defense against us, but after taking a couple of his villages and seeing how he builds them, its clear he is fairly...
  6. The Anticipation!

    any word on the release time? Monday is kinda vague. i'd like to get as close to the core as possible.
  7. Basic Battle System Tutorial Video Discussions

    man.... what does it take to get a response from a mod around here. Do you guys even read the forums. This thread has been at the top of the list for a month and yet no response... It kinda makes you think that inno really doesn't care about these forums at all. I thought we were helping give...
  8. Basic Battle System Tutorial Video Discussions

    I love how active these forums are...
  9. Basic Battle System Tutorial Video Discussions

    It seems like you didn't really explain the paladin weapon clearly. why didn't you account for the MA weapon when you calculated the MA attack? You made it sound like the paladin didn't use his weapon when he attacked because his attack was calculated with the axes. Previously I have heard mods...