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    North? South? I thought we were moving West! To the Rim!
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    Top 7 Map

    Ya I'm actually enjoying this world
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    Top 7 Map

    New map pretty please?
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    Word on the Street

    The Brute Squad from COL on World K is here ;)
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    Top 7 Map

    Thanks for the map!
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    Predictions Central

    I don't really keep up with what's happening with other tribes so I can't make any predictions that way and haven't looked at the map in abit. I just hope this world isn't over so quick!
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    Hi. Members

    I get quite lucky against lornce and his nobles. I just happen to log in time and I might as well try and keep those skills sharp for future worlds. I'm lucky if I remember to build walls on the villages you attack sometimes. A lot of us in this circle are ready for this to end.
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    Weekly Update Top 5 Map

    Appreciate the maps, Nice change of pace with the different colors this go around.
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    World 18 Top 5 Map

    I enjoy seeing how the world progresses with these maps.
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    Map of Kronborg top 10 tribes

    Though i didnt talk to alot of yas. It was a joy to play on this world. See yas in W18!
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    Let us put some life in this new world

    Tribes do have a habit of suprising ya sometimes. Im excited to see how this world develops. Though im not in the loop on anything so idk whos fighting who and whos allied with whom so far.
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    Map of Kronborg top 10 tribes

    Nice stats very thorough indeed. And I appreciate the map updates also. Nice there consistently posted
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    Top 8 Tribe Chat

    Lol I don't hate any tribes, I quite enjoy all of this. It amuses me to no end.
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    Top 8 Tribe Chat

    Eh there talking like NAO use to talk, just alot of hot air and full of themselves, and look how that turned out for NOA. They say history repeats itself.
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    Top 8 Tribe Chat

    Since the majority of posts in the Map thread is more off topic posts than anything. I felt the need to make a thread for that specific purpose so people don't have to wade through pages looking for the maps. So anything pertaining to Battles, fights, ego inflating and other such things with...