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    Question about crowns in competitions

    So for competitions, there are two categories usually. One for players using crowns and another for players not using crowns. However there is the exception of the 50 crowns gained on registration. Does that mean anyone is allowed to use 50 or less crowns and still be eligible for the...
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    Top 5 for the world

    OBW is beating LGN by a large margin. We currently have about 79%. Only need a few hundred more villages for the 80%.
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    In-Game Battle Simulator

    I agree as well
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    Spy Reports

    I concur with DC. If the report is green, then you have the correct units no matter if it says 0. If it says 0, then there really are no units of that type in the village or away from the village. If the report is red (blood), then it will never show you what is away from the village (always...
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    Mood Killer

    I can't say anything about CerealKiller PM'ing his group because I am not in his group, but I can say he never asked for support on the tribe forums. And also, he has no nearby AoD members to support him, so I am not even sure he was in a group. Also, we cannot claim to say that everyone in...
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    Question regarding recent word search competition

    The winners and answers have been posted in the "competitions" section of the forum. "Ram" was not one of the answers. I think it was a viable answer.
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    Question regarding recent word search competition

    How are any of the competitors to know that? Ram is a unit and it is in the word search. That should count. Also, I have another question. How is "timber" a building or unit? I know it can refer to "timber" camp", but "timber by itself isn't a unit or building.
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    Question regarding recent word search competition

    On the recent word search competition, we had to find 12 words related to buildings and units in a word search. What I want to know is why the word "ram" was not one of the answers. It is clearly in the word search.