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  1. End Game for the Domination World

    This is something that should not need to be asked but since we have seen all the rules tossed out the windows on "K" world, we will do the un-thinkable and ask. What is the rules for this world...... ?? Have then Changed......... ?? 1) Domination starts when a single tribe owns 70% of the...
  2. Domination reached by THC!

    You know what capt c or who ever you are, all you have to do is read back on every closed world to see how the game is played. If you are a moderator you should know the rules before becoming a moderator. Pretty bad when we have to tell you the rules on the game! Why would we even try to...
  3. Domination reached by THC!

    When did the rules change or did THC need some inside help from the Moderators ????????????????????????????????

    Hi KiKi, RND is still waiting on Management to join or not. We have a request, how long do we have to wait on Management to show up ?? Can we get a time limit. If he is not going to show for some reason, we would like to get on to winning this world next :) Question we have is does our...