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  1. Start to finish

    so, yeah another world another and another world to have fun with. :) Anyway, I will be playing this one start to finish as i have one 3 other worlds, so just curious if there is going to be experienced players (players who have played worlds 6 or below lol) or is it going to be another world 9...
  2. so what's planned for the new world?

    wow so did HUG by their way to endgame. lol . thats funny. that would have to be the fastest world to ever get closed out. I guess thats what happens when new money starts and old money with experience stops playing. farmville with money. I hear world 10 is very similar. Except their money is...
  3. hey it is I NO TIGERS!

    so im back , loaded up with gold and ready to join an experienced tribe, if you know me then let me know and im there. Please no new start ups, or first time leaders, believe me, you wont like me, i have a strong opinion and if you dont know what your doing we wont get along. lol anyway, former...
  4. looking for serious tribe

    Yeah got all family issues worked out from my brother passing , and mentally got head on right. I will probably start the new world off for a fresh start unless you need some one to work really hard catching way way up to others, lol. but otherwise, yeah im good to go
  5. looking for serious tribe

    IM BAAACK!! lol so who wants to play with a serious coiner! IN it to Win it!
  6. Styling On You

    this is interesting, Ian vs cutter hmmm???
  7. Martial Law (LAW)

    i will say i do like your long posts, lol, i get made fun of all the time for explaining everything and giving the entire picture the entire time. even at work. what people dont understand is you cant understand certain decisions if you dont have the entire picture. you will be following someone...
  8. Martial Law (LAW)

    we only ask your tribe and name is because alot of players talk a big game but truly dont know the realities of tribe leadership and keeping things but letting people the aggressive players take off and dominate while being required to help out in missions or defense support.. its kind of a big...
  9. Martial Law (LAW)

    on world 4 what tribe where you on,,,i ask this because i made as high as rank 5 at one point with enough villages to take over 3 hours to cycle through them , and i dont recall your name being in the big tribes that are now in domination. I however do know sun tzu, he was beat into my brain in...
  10. TLI

  11. TLI

    yeah but since US2 EEK and celeste sky have been subject to mercilous attacks due to thier behavoirs on earlier severs, i was a member of EEK on US2 and i was embarrassed at the tactics and sad that nobody saw the reason EEK was getting destroyed was they couldnt evolve in their tactics. you do...
  12. TLI

    you left tli because your big hitters like jaqdtiger were getting schooled by the tribes you stabbed in the back lol. you have no end game or domination to your name because you quite when things get tough, every world since world 3 you get attacked by everyone because your name is synonomous...
  13. TLI

    let me know when your going to play another world mama
  14. Wave of new players/barbs

  15. Account sitting / multi account

    my wallet is just fine you dont know me and you certainly dont know what i do for a living and actually you have no idea who im talking about raith,,,,drew and russ,,,im not talking about them, i dont even know who russ is,,,and quiting and rimming are two totally different things. drew is...