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    Tribes and Players

    This world going to be set up with co-play?
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    Global Chat

    I would be nice however I can see where some people would use it to "cheat" just a would be able to tell when someone is on and the WAR part is easy to fix when they are not on.
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    Welcome to Forte De Sagres!

    Hey Mama26, it should be up now. try reloading your browser or cleaning the cache, if that don't work get back with me.
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    Confirmed [TWX-12138] Scroll Bars Missing from Rankings

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    Fixed Jump to Village Button

    Has this issue been fixed in 1.16 ????
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    Kingdom Rankings

    Not sure if this is a browser issue or a in-game issue. When I click rankings>sort by Kingdom I get the following message: Internal Error. This has just came about since the last version was installed (was working in ver1.5) so not sure if somehow the coding is off.????