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  1. Rampant Cheating allowed in this Game?!?

    Yessss, join slydawg and the rest of us for some fun.
  2. Pushing

    I'm not looking for a loop hole, I'm looking at your gray areas, so players dont get ban. Isnt that the point of asking question? That why I said what is the best way to go about this. you answer somewhat what I need you to answer. Thank you for your very vague answer though that clearly just...
  3. Pushing

    I know what support can and cant see. The only thing that matters was how we can noble inactive villages without it counting as pushing was all. See you add the keyword "others", which was never the case in the past. Now if that is added that is fine. We just have the right to know is all. When...
  4. Pushing

    No this is the place for us to ask question to gain an understanding of the rules better for clarification. How is others nobling an account pushing though when the coop isnt benefiting from it? account is long term supporting then goes inactive, tribe members noble the account out. your saying...
  5. Rampant Cheating allowed in this Game?!?

    Oarfish I dont have any of that info to play on that account. But PM what you play on and I'll be happy to wiped that *** in chess again ^^
  6. Pushing

    So this is were you might want to clear things up with your players. We been told in the past. That if an account is over 30 days, you have to report it. We have also be told coops can't noble the account but others can. Since pushing was considered you benefit from the account. again this is a...
  7. Pushing

    So a conversation came up today, I just wanted to ask. Since again... *cough cough* excuse me. rules seems to have change. Is there anyway the players of this down to earth game. Can get a better outline from the head champion himself(@Captain Kumquat).. oh wait no it's the other one @CaptC...
  8. Hall of fame

    Yeah I know that, which is why this throw me off cause we want at 80 percent yet. Why was it declare so damn early this world. That's a first,
  9. Hall of fame

    Hall of fame is for the members that was in the tribe when they won the world at 80 right? that was always the case in the past. There are members in that hall of fame that are not even in THC still before the 80 percent om.
  10. Open for a day

    This world been opening for a day.. but I don't see anything here for challages or anything? not doing anything for this world? Be nice if this was out before the world started.. might grab players attentions to come play the world.
  11. Domination reached by THC!

    Did the rules on muti posting, changes as well?!
  12. Kark des Chevaliers Special Challenge

    THC. They never went over 50.
  13. K World TV News

    when inno refunds all the money to your account cause they couldn't prove botting, but yet you get ban cause they could prove botting. little strange..TW2 was like a return of taxs,
  14. K World TV News

    i heard you went over the 50 member limity
  15. World chat

    i mean he is right about you.. that is how you play lol