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  1. January Sneak Attacks!

    @CaptC I know your busy dont forget about us, we could use a Feb comp
  2. January Sneak Attacks!

    @CaptC can we get a Feb going when you get a chance we will get our entries in a little earlier this month
  3. January Sneak Attacks!

  4. SALTY 2.0

    Uh.. ok.. I do now know it's true what they say about you though..
  5. January Sneak Attacks!

    Well you do know tribal wars is life... No worries cap lol
  6. January Sneak Attacks!

    Thank you cap thought you forgot about us lol
  7. December Sneak Attacks!

  8. Holiday Pot Luck

    Damn I need to pay attention more to the threads outside the realms..
  9. December Sneak Attacks!

    @CaptC when you get a chance we could use a Jan thanks
  10. SALTY 2.0

    Is what true?
  11. SALTY 2.0

  12. December Sneak Attacks!

  13. Rupea Realm Competitions

    That happened to me when I came back got sucked into the vp nonsense 2 weeks of fighting 3 months of barb munching.
  14. Rupea Realm Competitions

    So is this world over yet?
  15. November Sneak Attacks!

    @CaptC Can we get a Dec sneak attack up when you get a chance? Thanks.