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    I was not singling you out @motown21 . I was just saying in a very general manner, stuff like this is what happens when someone who isn't well known in the tribe gets power. It was moreso general advice for anyone who reads this so that they can remember to not hand over power to any random ol'...

    "Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes" Common sense says not to give that much power to someone you have just only met, and you guys gave him that power by choice. He didn't steal that power, you handed it over. The blame comes down to the person who actually decided make someone you have never...
  3. Rubber Duckies

    Just know that EN is a different beast than US. So don't go in with a US realm mentality.
  4. Rupea Realm Competitions

    Cruel and unusual punishment
  5. SALTY 2.0

    Its not hard to get 5 attacks in the same second...
  6. Competition Make a Dev Happy or Sad!

    @CaptC , I know its easy to go through and see what they posted to win, but I think you should collect their images and put them in the post where you announced them as winners so people can instantly associate them winning with the post that made them win. This was a fun competition to watch, I...
  7. SALTY 2.0

    17 Days Later we are #1 with less than half the people.
  8. SALTY 2.0

  9. SALTY 2.0

    Relax, the better tribe will win and that is all there is too it. We aren't going above 25 players. You guys can get as many people as you want. We didn't go out seeking alliances, WIN just makes everyone hate them. Not our fault other if other tribes go after you as well.
  10. Palamidi Realm Competitions

    Posting for @Vador33 since he has problems uploading pictures. I wasn't able to upload the picture like normal, so that is an imgur link. Level 18 HQ @CaptC, if you need him to be the one to post it please let us know so I can try and help him get it sorted out.
  11. Bash Reports July

    Yes it does. @CaptC will calculate the bash you received as long as there is a report to show. Win or Lose. Your only problem might be that you posted it after the deadline even though the attack was still in July.
  12. Olavinlinna Realm Competitions

    "Catptain Kumquat's village" is a good one.
  13. Power Ranking and Predictions

    lmao,just about spit my drink out. Bad timing on my part.
  14. Power Ranking and Predictions

    This should probably stop. If you believe someone is breaking the rules just report them... this is actually getting old fast. It was amusing at first when you made a comment about barb munching, and then we threw pictures in of you actually barb munching. It was amusing when you you brought up...