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  1. Version 1.96

    Update Version 1.96 Greetings, Tribal Warriors! All realms will be updated to version 1.96, on the {INSERT DATE HERE}. In this update, we worked on several bugs, new items and improvements of our apps. We also included in this update list all changes introduced in version 1.94 Improvements...
  2. Game Rules Game rules update

    Fellow players, We have decided to change and simplify our game rules. On the 15th of December 2017, we will enforce the following rules. Preliminary Remarks Tribal Wars 2 (the "Game") is an online cross-platform game developed and published by InnoGames GmbH ("InnoGames"). The Game can be...
  3. Black Friday 2017 event

    Please utilize this thread to discuss the Black Friday 2017 Event. For more information please visit the announcement here
  4. Event Black Friday

    Black Friday Welcome Tribal Warriors and archers! Gwendoline has returned a challenge ready for you! So for the next 4 days show off your archer skills and collect amazing rewards. From the 23rd of November until the 26th of November show that you aim is true and be handsomely rewarded by...