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  1. Co-play limitations

    Yea. Let's get this figured out. 1 month is long enough. If you don't log in, you're done. Coplayers shouldn't be able to attack. Logging into someone's account using their credentials ( or just using a double account) is illegal, but getting a coplayer and using that account to attack...
  2. Tribe Domination - Vote

    Yea. So when is the world over?
  3. Lag and connection issues.

    Still an awful day of lag.
  4. Lag and connection issues.

    They need to take down the game while they fix it.
  5. Balance Update II

    Undo it all.
  6. LAG!

    How long before this lag is fixed? I can't play the game if it takes a few seconds to cycle through each village.
  7. Leeds Castle Competitions

    With crowns.
  8. looking for serious tribe

    Welcome back no tigers!
  9. Top 10 Tribes Map

    Almost done.