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  1. Crushem Updates

    We had this thing is US7 I think it was where somebody would do Top 5 tribe weekly update, that sure was fun was read
  2. 2000 VP is too much

    What? alot of our guys dont even crown what are you going on about every other tribe here is just getting on because we have decent players that communicate well?
  3. New World

    Ah alright thank you for the information then jpex have a nice day.
  4. New World

    Oh you know what that might make sense as to why I'm randomly getting mail that has nothing to do with the us servers now I feel dumb. If thats the case how long until the next world is coming up jpex?
  5. New World

    I got an email a while back about a new world opening called Munkholm but I havn't seen it since or seen any announcements about its opening.
  6. Current Top 10 Tribes

    Yeah they have alot of rim members for whatever reason.
  7. Current Top 10 Tribes

    They seem to hold on to their members who have like 100 points in tpl its strange.
  8. Current Top 10 Tribes

    AOD just has to wait,gotta get through your useless members to get to the leadership its like a meatshield.
  9. Current Top 10 Tribes

    Thats not what he had told me apparently ancient had accused him of being a spy and mario and such just believed him. I'm also not going to name who it was that had changed over.
  10. Current Top 10 Tribes

    Some aod players who had switched over from AOD to ORT had said that apparently kissing up is a requirement over there.
  11. Current Top 10 Tribes

    Damn block is going in he doesnt even care what hes saying now lmao, usually I see him as someone who keeps these things to himself too. And we didnt recruit more members it was more of a merge so that we can take #2 tribe and once aods done were going to try to take their place (except we wont...
  12. Mood Killer

    Not like AOD could get a tribe to attack anyone its looking like every top tribe is against you guys.
  13. Current Top 10 Tribes

    I'm not sure you could say scared it was a delicate matter in my eyes and had to be acted according to how dangerous it was, were not hesitant we were just waiting as I clearly knew ORT couldnt do it itself.