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  1. OTA vs POI

    mrt= mass recruiting tribes
  2. The Disappointment of Mass Recruiters

    If you talk about top 5 hey before the war started we only had ota and dws in top 5 and we were against kis kse hug where was poi? near the bottom of top 10 even now we are at war with most of top 10 tribes during the time many of the top 5's fell then poi went up even before u guys dropping...
  3. The Disappointment of Mass Recruiters

    And what refugee? poi was on a losing streak against eat. took almost 0 village and lost a dozen you guys asked us to help take EAT out then demanded us to give you controls of former EAT villages. I have your leaders message as proof of demanding our villages so please dont create more lies you...
  4. The Disappointment of Mass Recruiters

    If u really think of one as allies you wouldnt mind them entering, especially we had a common enemy which i have not seen you taken any action to hug.
  5. The Disappointment of Mass Recruiters

    Stop lying altheras, you guys launched the attack on us way before alliance status was dropped. we have reports of u guys attacking us before alliance status was dropped and u had poi members moving in on ota province too and they were stacked with 50k ish troops
  6. Update 1.50 screwed up

    When one player laags u can use that excuse but when many report the same problem its not on us, and i keep getting the you do not have enough units message when i have a entire army sitting there that i cant send
  7. Update 1.50 screwed up

    Not really it didnt tell me that the lighted ones use up ur res reduction item and i accidently used up 2 of mine
  8. Update 1.50 screwed up

    The massive lag is just beyond unplayable............I try send out raids and it takes more then 30 secs ltr to show that i sent
  9. cant log in?

    If other companies or games had such problems they'll compensate us with some ingame currency for the problem that it caused it........... Maybe u guys should consider doing that Instead of the usually replies "were on it" not good enough
  10. cant log in?

    Same again...................... Seriously instead of worrying about the glitches and small bugs fix the connection issue! Ever since the last big update that supposedly said will make game play more smooth well it did not. More lags More connection problems More bugs such as when a person sends...
  11. cant log in?

    Btw the sever laggs like no other
  12. cant log in?

    kicks me out half way in loading screen everytime i try logging in
  13. RIP Servers...

    How long will this take to fixx? i just want to send out some raids and go to bed
  14. RIP Servers...

    They really need to fix the connection, i think its been bad ever since that one update
  15. RIP Servers...

    oh i thought it was my internet ;( hope they fix it soon