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  1. Blood and Truth

    New to this world, but not the game. Took 2nd place way back in Drachenfels. Late to this game, but still looking to have some fun. Low pressure tribe with 8 members so far, all who have prior experience, 2 of them harking back to TW1. We're currently in 17th place, but rising. If you're...
  2. It is ALMOST over guys.

    Tax refund season! LOL.
  3. TW2 Experience

    I'm WAY late to this conversation, but.... I think there was a good point made earlier about the numbers of players, or lack thereof. Has this been true over each new world, are the numbers consistently, or almost consistently getting lower? Q world is pretty small. I think there are some...
  4. It is ALMOST over guys.

    I knew I could count on you to answer! I wish there was more discussion here with others. Anyway, I thought some that joined you were RTR, and that they were part of the coalition against you? Am I mistaken?
  5. It is ALMOST over guys.

    I know I'm gonna sound like the stereotypical hater, but I don't care. I'm gonna say this anyway. I joined this world near the end of October. Late start. When I joined HI already had the core pretty much in control. Basically game over unless somebody came up with something. When I joined I...
  6. Tribe Domination - Vote

    I remember in some of the earlier days there was a lot of talk about forming alliance against TLI/MAC, but it seemed like it didn't get traction. Also, our alliance with JCR always seemed strained. Celeste-Sky seemed capable, but wanted an awful lot of control, and did a lot of criticizing. I...
  7. Tribe Domination - Vote

    What led this world to become so barren compared to some of the others? I think one factor was TLI & MAC becoming allies. Good for them, bad for the game overall. But I don't think that was the only other factor. A lot of tribes seemed to have serious internal issues. Any insights?
  8. Tribe Domination - Vote

    Perhaps. So how many MTW players are active? ;)
  9. Tribe Domination - Vote

    Well, at least I'll get to see what an end game is like. :( BAT forever! House of Blood will live on! Long live the underdogs! Say no to Big Business tribes! :)
  10. Tribe Domination - Vote

    Voting ends Sunday. It says that above. What happens if there's a lot of NO votes?