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  1. K World TV News

    i can might be helpful to find it, Done it before. ;)
  2. US server trash talk

    gotten away from 100-200 member tribes ?
  3. US server trash talk

    the skilled premades on EN isnt 100% premade. they start with a base of players. 20-50 players and they will might double this number by recruiting. Playing with the same 50-100 members over and over again will never work because of activity lvl. You get bored of spending enough time to be in...
  4. US server trash talk

    EN 30 Was a noob world, you probably have the same issue on US. The number of skilled premade tribes is low. Probably just 3-4 tribes at the moment and this skilled tribes dont play every world. Winning EN 30 doesnt count at all when you look at who played on it. So my advice is to try a world...