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    Reported [TWX-12614] Hotkeys

    So not everyone is having this problem... this is a huge disadvantage to the people who are. I am being heavily attacked right now and it takes me an hour to send out troops when I need to gather resources.... Is this expected to be fixed anytime soon???? It's making this game not worth playing....
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    Reported [TWX-12614] Hotkeys

    I get the same thing.. Is this everyone?
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    sharing reports

    OOO thank you very much!!! i don't know how I missed that!
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    Confirmed [TWX-12404] Sending out preset when typing troop amounts

    This might be a know issue but if not here it is... When I go to attack someone and I get the the "send army" I always accidentally send a preset attack. the reason this happens is because instead of using the little sliding arrow I like the type the troop amounts in specifically instead...
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    sharing reports

    I cant seem to find a way to share a spy report with a tribe or a friend. I assume this is a feature and I just cant find it. But if its not then I am suggesting you make it one. I know you can type all the information out directly but that is incredibly inconvenient. To me this is a huge down...
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    Inviting other tribes men to your tribe...

    I noticed that I wasn't able to invite people who are already in a tribe to a new tribe. you should be able to. Also make the invites to tribes go to the messages instead of the reports section. and allow us to send a message with the invitation not just a "Yes" "No" with out any content. the...