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    Top 5 tribes

    Prince Alucard thanks for your great maps. I happen to stumble across where the MODERATORS are playing and what tribe they are in :eek: I found you do I get a prize?
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    Crown users my friend. On world 7 I saw one guy so far ahead of the rest of players it was too funny. I think he had like 3000 points to the closest 1k. But hey some people pay for success while others earn it. If I had to choose out of the current 2 I would say that the number 1 player has...
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    Interesting world. I think so far one of the because the the community is so involved. TLI I don't think they have solid leadership. CrC really has potential to be a great looking tribe.
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    Top 10 as BP Ends

    I agree I think they will be back because the only thing that is hurting now is their low count. The more members tribes get the harder it will be to maintain such a very small member count. WAT and nTa both look good.
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    We are coming for you

    Your tribe is #1 on world 3 OMG. This is world 8 not world 3. Hey my tribes on .us and .en sever both are #1 in 5 worlds combine but that doesn't mean that we will be #1 in the 6th world. My point is this in case you did not understand. There is a difference between actually being number 1...
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    We are coming for you

    So many times these very words have been said on TW1. So many times on TW1 those tribes have faded.
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    We are coming for you

    Hey buddy not really impressed with that tribe tbh. Each world we see these same tribe that try and recruit top players then lose. Tribes that claim they are best but recruiting this high players early on just leads to problems. Most of them won't be around come 2-3 months. I actually...
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    n00bs throwing axes

    Best introduction out of all tribes.
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    Tribes and Players

    No hugging is for sure I have no idea why tribes try and ally up with every tribe from the beginning. Any veteran knows most good tribes are: 1. Low in member count. 2. Skype active 3. Present on forums 4. No allies with first 2-3 months (sure there may be agreements) but never anything set in...
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    Tribes and Players

    I will be making my return here from .en to .us. I just hope there is enough competition.
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    The Knights Brotherhood

    A lot of good talk going on here. Who will actually back it up? You guys do know that you don't have to wait to be attacked to attack other players right :p
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    Count to 50 Before a Moderator Posts

    The game is pretty simple. You guys should count up to 15 before a moderator reply in this topic, when the moderator posts his reply counter resets to 0. I'll begin 1! To make this interesting the person that reaches 30 in count should get something special, if a CM will okay that :D