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  1. HoF adjustments

    you need some rest. you're overworked
  2. HoF adjustments

    lol this is the first time I won in a world twice. Navardun
  3. HoF adjustments

    thank you very much. I'm not after the coins though. I just wanted to see my name on the ranks again
  4. HoF adjustments

    That's what I'm pointing out. are my offensive bash points not enough?
  5. Declare a win for WIN

    stats about bash points and victory points but no stat where you can see defeated units as attacker. I just killed 11,358,387 enemies I don't get it
  6. Declare a win for WIN

    isn't it the more enemies you kill the more obp you generate? I have over 10M obp and been leading for months. It means that I defeated tons of units as an attacker. Where can I see that
  7. Declare a win for WIN

    how do you rank this? "defeated units as attacker" are bash points baseless here?