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  1. Server update

    resistance is futile
  2. Us servers

    hey coldog....long time no see
  3. Valentines Event 2018

    huh? people spend money on this game?;)
  4. Server update

    Well NIB continues to dominate in bash and conquest but is losing the barb nobeling battle to VVV badly......i believe we should ally with the barbs to turn the tide and to prevent this pointless wastefull destruction of the one natural resource that benefits all. Long live the barbs......
  5. Crickets really?

    is it because i came back for another world? Are you mad at me?:p
  6. Loading App on Android

    all good here! thanks
  7. Loading App on Android

    same issue here......very annoying and it seems to be no rush to fix it
  8. New world and how victory points effects it.

    Well after taking a 9 month break from the game i can see nothing has improved lol............on the plus side i'm a proud new daddy! Anyhow I suppose i will give this new format a try "cringe" but yeah i dont think there is any coming back for this game at this point
  9. Innogames tolerates cheaters

    and trust me, i have the money to sue
  10. Innogames tolerates cheaters

    if nothing is done about this i will sue innogames as i will not pay to play a game that allows cheating after 100% proof that cheating did indead happen
  11. 3 Word Story!

    light calvary lance
  12. Merge Rule

    wont argue that one bit
  13. Merge Rule

    u need to be nicer coldog and quit running them all away lol
  14. Confused...

    but to be honest why give nobles away on the prize wheel? yeah i bought mine but now we will have 500 extra players popping barbs because they want to expand instantly and then i will be forced to spend my nobles in anger against not a fan of this one tbh
  15. Confused...

    worthless suckers least till u find one of those LC nukes to practice their sparring on