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    Screenshots/Uploading Pictures

    I don't see where this can be done in the game forum or messages. Am I missing something or is it not possible to post pictures?
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    iOS Improvements?

    Oh ok, so iOS is being a pain in the butt. Lol.
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    iOS Forum Posts and Messages Incomplete

    It's even happening with tribe descriptions. I've seen this on my PC and there is more to the description than what is shown.
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    Total Enialation World

    Do you mean Total Annihilation? I just want to make sure I'm not missing your point.
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    iOS Forum Posts and Messages Incomplete

    I play on PC, Android and iOS. I noticed that on my iPhone sometimes long messages or forum posts are cut off at the end. Only happens on my iPhone.
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    iOS Improvements?

    Is the iOS version of Tribal Wars 2 ever going to be the same as the Android version?
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    Mobile Version 1.66

    That's only on iOS. Android you can select the amount of each resource.