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  1. Zipser Burg Realm Competition

    When will this be rewarded? :D
  2. Special Halloween Edition

    Facts: 1) This horror film was the first to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar and the first to win as well. Rebecca (1940) 2) The famous villain from this scary movie, tormented his victims in their sleep. (Name the movie not the villain) Freddy Krueger 3) The actor in this horror flick...
  3. Zipser Burg Realm Competition

    yay 3rd for vp5
  4. Loading App on Android

    Hello i have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge... and recently i have not been able to load the just stays stuck on connecting forever, i have hard reset,and soft reset my phone... network settings... force stopped.. and uninstalled and reinstalled... just keep getting the Red Circle in corner...
  5. Zipser Burg Realm Competition

    Yay i win 2nd:D