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    World Map

    thanks for doing this for us zesh, keep it up :D
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    fun article lenny. thanks for going to the trouble. looking forward to the next one :)
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    Changing the reward for victory

    so the idea is to have a fixed total prize pool, but divide it evenly among members? if so, i think that could work. currently, doesnt seem like theres much motivation to win with a small tribe.
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    Resource Deposit Issue

    No, it's because the resource deposit was glitched.
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    Resource Deposit Issue

    After completing two resource deposit requests, the resource deposit suddenly emptied of requests entirely. In the screenshot, you can see that no requests remain, yet the "utilizing the resource deposit" quest is unfinished. This should be impossible, hence it is a glitch. As further evidence...
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    Loading... (EXE)

    Thanks, finally read the forum description..
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    Loading... (EXE)

    I don't understand. Did this world finally open? tw2-tools has had it listed since last Thursday, but I'm unable to join. Good luck with your tribe!