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    Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    FYI that spreadsheet was right i took the numbers directly from the reports, and it calculates from the Bashpoints and resources costs that the game calculates. Your right medic wasn't calculated on there, so take 10% off from the rebuild time, another 10% if you had medicus at the time...
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    Recent development analysis/prediction of the future

    FYI that is Losses on bashpoints so he lost 721k, defense lost 155k... so he gained 155k and defender gained 721k d bash.
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    Barbarian Village Adjustments

    They probably don't have a team employed no more to work on TW2, they moved onto new projects so all their developmental and coding teams are employed on those games. They simply keep CM's and other non programing staff entailed to the TW2 community to maintain the game but not further develop it.
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    Cheating? NOOOOO!

    Welcome to Customer Service :P.
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    End World Titles or Awards

    I am not sure if it is tracked, I would assume it is for balancing and other reasons, but if at end of world custom titles or awards could be awarded out to leaders in certain areas. These titles or awards could be something Innogames comes up with or let the community suggest and/or vote. Be...
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    Easter Event 2018

    Yep totally agree new model is better than old one!
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    Easter Event 2018

    No need to watch him, just assume he did something wrong and act accordingly.
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    World Map

    Added album + updated, so you can look at each day and compare 2 if u want outside of gif. Can't get over how small this world is compare to leeds was... Can fit it on 1 screen easy.
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    World Map

    Tw2-Tools updated so updated map :D
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    World Map

    I just manually pull from and then add the image to the gif. I was to lazy to look into the games API to actually pull the data from the servers like TW2 Tools does and have it auto generate every day or w/e
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    In-Game Custom Profile Picture

    I assume it has to do with the game is a product of them that they profit off of. Everything in the game Innogames claims property of i believe thus what you see in standard ToS on games. This forum is not the game and they don't profit off the forum. There is probably more in depth legality...
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    World Map

    Added the two tribes but still have from 2 days ago the 19th, made map a little bigger as world is growing. Also I will keep updating as tw2 tools updates. You can zoom in by clicking on it and using zoom feature in your browser.
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    World Map

    Here is a world maps for your pleasure. A little timeline I didn't start till 3/13/18 though. Will try and add update to timeline every 3 days. Imgur Link for browser zoom compatibilty. Imgur Album with each day's picture for comparison. Daily Change
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    Feel free to write your own article ganzonx if you feel he missed something. Multiple writers for the same paper can get totally different articles after all :P. Saw it all time in game I played call Eve Online, was interesting to see the different articles from people on the same battles just...
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    *HOT* Elite is still a joke *HOT*

    You can't wine about someone wining world via capping member limit and then NAPing with those that didn't join. Reason being, if you dont like it don't join the tribe and don't join a tribe that is wiling to NAP with them. Get 50 players willing to do the same and all of sudden they have a fight...