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  1. CND Has Officially Declared War

    Well, that's one of the few cases that I can agree that nobling a barb is fair play.
  2. CND Has Officially Declared War

    Yeah, barb munching always works favorably if used for recruiting troops. It's a strategy that is known to work. But I won't respect anyone as a player if he/she can't take my villages without taking barbs first. Just saying. I'm expecting to go down in this world, but at least I can go down as...
  3. CND Has Officially Declared War

    The sad part is that most players within HUG is bad at offensive battle strategies (not including all of you of course). But one of the main reasons you are winning this war is because most of your top players are (or at least were) munching barbs. They did not have any O bash until a few weeks...
  4. Night Bonus

    Lovely! I did not like it.
  5. CND

    I hope you will let me in from the Cold once the game starts. Where in the world will you start?
  6. Top 5 tribes

    The Crimson Mafia is very strong at the moment. I'm quite new to the game so I wonder how the worlds usually ends up. Will Crimson Mafia destroy us all or how does it usually work?