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  1. I can't access the site again

    yea i been trying since it said lost connection about an hour ago and i was nobling 2 cities now i cant make the other noble ready to attack again stuffed up my timing
  2. End Game Thoughts

    I totally agree with the above comments bring on the fortresses it would add a whole new stratagem to the game and its what brought me into the game in the first place
  3. Answered relocate troops

    sweet we just got relocate troops on US 14 THX INNOGAMES
  4. Neuschwanstein Realm Competitions

    5 villages owned crowns used
  5. Answered relocate troops

    Thanks mate I seen it on febs innogames tv and was just wondering if we would get it thanks for the reply
  6. Answered relocate troops

    has the relocation of troops been activated on the new worlds yet?
  7. finishing off what was advertised

    what about just getting the fortress concept finished first, you want a strategy game or a numbers game?finish off what was advertised instead of adding all the extras
  8. Answered endgame guylavar

    Thanks Portia you are right we come this far lets hope they get it done, the tribe is taking a vote on it and we will see, but thank you for your thoughts
  9. Answered endgame guylavar

    thanks for the reply sorry to bother you, you all have probably had this question asked many times was really hoping the fortress concept would be finished by now so at least us little guys had a chance thx for your time but looks like my time in this game is finished
  10. Answered endgame guylavar

    so are you a moderator or of innogames management and is this answer correct and if so so all the strategy used to plan for endgame and the fortress is wasted no little tribe has a chance of winning a kingdom whatsoever thats rotten so join a bigger tribe or lose that sucks
  11. Answered endgame guylavar

    what diff does caps lock make iT STICKS DEAL with it just wanted an ANSWER to the quESTION no need FOR sarcasM
  12. Answered endgame guylavar

    Are we notified 2 weeks before endgame starts? and i have heard the fortress build isnt happening now its the tribe who owns 80% OF THE WORLD WHO WILL WIN, WHAT DOES HAPPEN NOW IS THE FORTRESS A GO OR IS IT THE 80% THAT WINS?