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  1. Lordsman

    HoF adjustments

    also it says winners of Navaron
  2. Lordsman

    HoF adjustments

    and Kane should be in the members list
  3. Lordsman

    HoF adjustments

    still got it wrong your forgetting Vishnov
  4. Lordsman

    Declare a win for WIN

    im not on the member list
  5. Lordsman

    Declare a win for WIN

    declaring win
  6. Lordsman

    New Issue Cant Login

    cant login on O
  7. Lordsman


    they are on break
  8. Lordsman

    Declare Winner Please

    yup 80% Yea :)
  9. Lordsman

    Declare Winner Please

    thank you Kiki
  10. Lordsman

    Declare Winner Please

    I do believe we are there at the 80%
  11. Lordsman

    80% Owned

    yup lets close this world we are at 80%
  12. Lordsman

    Will this world reach 15k players?

    when does it open and what time
  13. Lordsman

    TW2 Experience

    one thing that was happening new worlds was opening up real fast at that point might have done some damage
  14. Lordsman

    W20 and a return of a legacy

    Im here too finishing two worlds atm both at 78% now
  15. Lordsman

    Domination conditions

    70% for past two days now :)
  16. Lordsman

    Domination conditions

    it was there well guess we need to put it back guess this is time to get ready to put this server closed then KIKI
  17. Lordsman

    Domination conditions

    Can we get this server closed and start the domination
  18. Lordsman

    Cannot Reproduce Double click

    Having problems with the game double clicking when left mouse clicking making it very hard to scroll thru villes and such,even in map mode tap on a ville and it double taps and brings you in the ville... this blows fix soon??? Also this is not just one server but a few that i know
  19. Lordsman

    Tribe Domination - Gyulai Var

    my understanding we are over 80% now
  20. Lordsman

    Tribe Domination - Vote

    ok past time whats up????