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  1. Top 5 Tribes

    You all are growing too fast too me! I'm gonna be in the back lines in no time!
  2. Top 5 Tribes

    M4 we are tiny - no one is worried about tiny people :P
  3. War with A.A

    There are, I personally don't use sabos too often and prefer the treb fakes like crazy type of path. However, I see the usefulness in sabos against A.A. due to the fact that they own their whole prov..and the one behind that...and the one behind that. (Basically they have a LOT of vills in the...
  4. Top 5 Tribes

    I enjoy watching that little red dude in the top right get bigger and bigger. He grows fast. I wonder who he is. :P
  5. Sequencing on Village Info > Current Activites

    Agreed, minor change but super useful.
  6. War with A.A

    It literally got to this because A.A. munched so much. I prefer a different style of attack as well - but for now that's one of the most effective ways to play against players who own a whole prov.
  7. Farming Efficiency

    There's not my point. My point is no players use that method because when you play with a large amount of vills, that method becomes too tedious. Because not a lot of players use that method, I can't see mods changing anything. The reason bigger accounts don't tend to use that method is...
  8. Farming Efficiency

    Ooh I'm not saying you won't get more, you would that way. I tend to do that when I have 2-4 vills to push me ahead. However, in w13 I had (long story) 80 vills. For me to properly farm normally it took me 30 min-an hour and literally had 1000+ reports each time. To do what your suggesting...
  9. Farming Efficiency

    Question: Have you played when you have 50+ vills? You learn very quickly to quit doing that and just mass farm because it honestly takes too long to farm otherwise. The only other way I can picture them making farming faster outside of presets is if you can go in your reports, check off...
  10. The Old Gods

    This roster is looking insane. I'm really hoping things work out so I can do this.
  11. Top 5 Tribes

    I'm in class right now and look so dumb because I'm laughing so hard my desk is shaking. That is hilarious - waiting for the mods to delete these texts now for "sexually explicit".
  12. Top 5 Tribes

    If you think 6 nukes = carrying, you need to play more.
  13. Painting the World

    Either that or more make it a priv that the leader can give to people. Like the ability to make tribe wide tags. That way squad leaders or those running ops can get the priv for things like that. 99% of tags will end in a PM needing more details, which is what happens already. The only tags...
  14. Painting the World

    At first glance, yes. But when I think about it in wouldn't change much. If I say 5 vills saying defend here, I'd PM the guy needing deffense asking for info on what to send where and against what. This is more or less what happens anyway, if you need support you send out a...
  15. Painting the World

    I still feel iffy about that. Picture the mess new players would make with that.
  16. Painting the World

    I would still keep it as a priv that needs to be granted...depending on what you mean by tagging.
  17. The Old Gods

    Get Gayfish if you can.
  18. Painting the World

    Yeah, it would have to be a privilege though. Every player doing that would ruin the point.
  19. Top 5 Tribes

    Well I can't really comment on the details - as I joined mega late. I just know based off the numbers and the chats I read - fish does the most, but even if we didn't have him we'd still be number one and by a good amount, just not as far ahead. Absolutely the best player in our tribe, but I...