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  1. Top 10 Tribes

    Nope they definitely mod this thread/forum heavily... around 5 of my posts have been removed in the past month. Perhaps if I were also Iks they'd leave me alone :(
  2. Top 10 Tribes

    Beg for a merger with a larger tribe. Take the few actives along with them. L.Q has a policy (or so I've heard) requiring all members to have a leader as coop. This helps explain why we routinely get fakes from tiny players who appear to have quit the game weeks ago (no growth, no troop use)...
  3. Top 10 Tribes

    It's not salt if it's true.
  4. Top 10 Tribes

    I'm actually not sure what's more annoying, the coop system abuse or the lag.
  5. Top 10 Tribes

    Late game? We're not even a month into phase two. Think of us like a wall of warriors... when one falls, another steps into the gap created. Nah they also nibbled on some of our guys. They were able to eat many of dallas's vils when he quit without warning, and took back about 1/3 of the gains...
  6. Top 10 Tribes

    Do you have experience with image editing software? Replace color --> profit
  7. Top 10 Tribes

    Solid update. Any chance of switching L.Q's color with any of the bottom 5 tribes? It would make for easier viewing to have more contrast between them and the black background.
  8. Top 10 Tribes

    I've been hitting refresh all morning
  9. Does InnoGames need more donations for their potato servers?

    I've never used an internet-based service that took MONTHS to figure out why their service doesn't work. The servers are, if anything, getting worse.
  10. Innogames tolerates cheaters

    Oh yeah I wasn't trying to impugn the rest of the members of L.Q/tribe as a whole, only trying to make him identifiable to readers. If he was some n00b with a single 800 pt vil on the rim this wouldn't be an issue.
  11. Innogames tolerates cheaters

    You're not concerned that Innogames allows cheating? I'm not the one who started that mass message, sorry for all the spam, I got added to it by LadyHawk same as everyone else. Yup. Now let's see if Innogames does anything about it. Multiple tickets have been submitted complaining... and quite...
  12. Innogames tolerates cheaters

    I apologize, I confused Ishkibable with his (brother I've heard?) Iksnumskaw, who is the leader. But the rest of the post stands. He's claiming that Alilio is his niece but his own words say otherwise: And here is proof of him violating the in game rules by...
  13. Innogames tolerates cheaters

    Ishkibable, (edited for accuracy) a member but not leader of L.Q, has been running multiple accounts. He was caught, temp banned, but then un-banned today because he threatened to sue Innogames. Why do you enjoy winning outside the rules? You already spend thousands of dollars playing a browser...
  14. Does InnoGames need more donations for their potato servers?

    They're so desperate for money that they let cheaters keep playing if they spend a lot of crowns. Pathetic.
  15. Top 10 Tribes

    Oh SLR just took a few vils from a guy who went red without setting a coop. Hard to help that haha. Thanks.
  16. Top 10 Tribes

    What villages did they take from us? I checked twstats and couldn't find any record of this happening. Solid update, thanks for the great content.
  17. Does InnoGames need more donations for their potato servers?

    I swear it's been getting worse by the day. Wth innogames, get your ish together. It's impossible to play the game properly right now.
  18. Does InnoGames need more donations for their potato servers?

    I was wondering what happened with that series of attacks lol.
  19. Taxing the Realm

    Not many people do lol. It was just a thought for where to stick it, maybe it would be better elsewhere, or if people hate the idea not at all.
  20. Taxing the Realm

    This research allows you to order your troops to preferentially loot certain resources. Similar to how there's things you can select in the tavern when researched, you select which resource your troops will choose to loot first. Maybe make it a preset 30% increase in that res vs others. So for...