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  1. Final Chapter - The Beginning of the End

    well, if there had not been invites, we wouldn't have disbanded. but if you had a devious mind, you might think it was a great way for them to use our troops to take a city for them. or maybe they just couldn't take it by themselves. who knows?
  2. Final Chapter - The Beginning of the End

    it makes sense in hindsight that it was a plan to throw us off our game. I started about 3 weeks behind the rest, so soon as I came out of protection, they tried to get rid of us. so when that didn't work, they talked us into joining, which we figured was because they weren't moving us, but we...
  3. Final Chapter - The Beginning of the End

    no, got the ole boot as well. The co op thing doesn't really bother me at all. and this is going to sound really petty, but its the resources in our old tribe levels we had originally that bothers me.
  4. Cheating? NOOOOO!

    OH my, better get on the EN forum and look at all the evidence of cheating before it gets deleted! Gee, good thing there isn't any going on here, or on 29!