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  1. World Map

    dam ur gonna have to teach me how you did that, would be cool to get a time lapse of how the world goes ya know

    Thanks again for the feedback! And thanks ganzonx! I will try to include predicting statistics as soon as this world hits middle phase which is when players get upwards of 30-40 villages, although yes early numbers are a good sign of how well a tribe is doing. Keep in mind though that growing...
  3. *HOT* Elite is still a joke *HOT*

    I do disagree with and hate MRT's myself. Cokky You've played with my fellow comrades in SIN/Wicked/MAFIA. Pluto/Malox/Drax/Frisky we all hated MRTs and if anything we've loved small group of active players since the early worlds i.e. our little alliance with JDI in Juval cuz that was fun...

    Happy you guys even read my articles, too many either inactives or not many people even know about forums!
  5. *HOT* Elite is still a joke *HOT*

    *HOT* Elite is still a joke *HOT*? "so now elite crawled back here back to us servers and just rinse and repeat" "And my advice to all tribes who have a nap with lit is that if you don't want to be backstabbed by elite better plan ahead and get out of nap asap to have a chance at surviving :)...

    DEVA DASH #2 Please enjoy this pic of your mounted archers just slamming the enemy infantry like no other that is how the game is right now. “Discipline is the soul of an Army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to all of the weak, and esteem to all.” – George Washington...
  7. *HOT* Elite is still a joke *HOT*

    Just shut up and play they the game if you're so good or what to put action behind words, more bashing and less talking. JPC doing a hell of a job of that and mad respect to those players. Cokky i.e. winning in worlds in a tribe with less than 25 people and current bash leader of the world...
  8. Deva Information

    Fortress endgame won't be so bad to implement, its just like another hall of orders/another building. Add a new animation, and new set of tribe skills to only those that have it . TW2 UPDATE!!!!! Do it, would love that concept tbh
  9. Deva Newsletter

    Gonna be a fight like the Alamo down there LOL
  10. Deva Newsletter

    DEVA DASH NUMERO UNO I would definitely like to credit an awesome player in TW2 named Taervan for posting the coolest newsletter in the forums, I'm referring to the Juval Hooplahs back in world 10. Since the forums are dead thought I might add something to make it more interesting! ONTO THE...
  11. Top Ten tribes

    More to come, I haven't even joined much of the party yet ;);)
  12. Top 5 Tribes

    Interesting point of view abazin! I myself enjoyed how the game turned out and is quite far from over! there are still many villas that aren't in the colors of Sin or Russia. I learned a few tactics as well from you guys and will definitely implement it in future worlds. It is at the very end...