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  1. Fixed Server Down?

    Probably doesn't need to be mentioned... but an "ALL CLEAR" message would be great once things are stable :)
  2. Fixed Server Down?

    Been an ongoing issue today...
  3. Fixed Server Down?

    That sucks :(
  4. Fixed Server Down?

    Any guess-timation on how long it will take to resolve?
  5. Dying Game

    Or expand the tutorial where new players can learn a bit more about the nuances. Make them farm X amount in Y amount of time. Show/perform simulated attacks/defense so they can see what and why things do or do not work - these values don't have to be random as its purely for show-and-tell...
  6. Dying Game

    And here's a not-OVERLY-hideous idea that might not prove too difficult to implement: Create a world that doesn't allow crowns. Obviously not a long term solution (gotta pay the ninja coder monkeys), but it harshly solves most of the gripes that come up... and it would level the playing field...
  7. Dying Game

    I don't have an issue with insta-building because quite simply "points don't win wars". IMO, where it gets unfair to those who can't/won't sink a lot of $$$ into their account (old and new) is a coiner's ability to "instantly" buy an army for cash. The free daily offers is one thing... but...
  8. Dying Game

    I like the recommendations. I took a long break between leaving TW1 and coming to TW2. One of my biggest "complaints" is the lack of quantity on the worlds. So many K's are never populated. IMO, an entire world in TW2 isn't much larger than the "core" of TW1 worlds. If you want to leave the...
  9. Dreg

    Sorry to hear that man...
  10. Dreg

    Here would be awesome.