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    Yes Panterra, we went over. I took command of HAT and to do so I had to break the limit. My mates wanted the tribe level enough to take us out of the contest. It's all good, still having fun.
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    So how many of you thought BXS would be here today? Looking back through the start of this thread I would say almost none. We don't have an all-star cast, just an average tribe with a few good hitters, yet here we are at #3. Anybody have an updated map?
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    The pain will never go away, but it will ease over time. Stay strong. I am truely sorry for your loss. I have been there many times. Be thankful for the time that you did have with her, it was a gift. May she rest in peace.
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    Now that most of the drama has ended, this is turning out to be a fun world. After the big bang I wasn't sure THC would last but they have done an awesome job. Adding up both sides, this is still a pretty even match. I think this world is going to be open for a good long stretch.
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    lulrawr, I told you awhile back that nobody wants to hear from #4. Especially since I'm not qualified with my low village count. But I have enjoyed reading your news updates. Too bad you have made your final post. Figures that the timing is just as we slide into the #3 spot. Anyway, thank you...
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    Actually I'm pretty excited. Add up all the tribes on both sides and it's pretty even. The world is now either blue or red, not much brown left. As for speaking here, I did not know there was a minimum village requirement. It's not the first time I have had comments about my village count, but...
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    I come in here and read all the boasting and smack talk, then I return to the world and wonder if RND is all that, why so many NAPs and allies still?
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    Regardless of the reasons, banning on this scale changes the balance of the game. I do not condone cheating in any way but this action penalized more then just THC. It's an element of the game, one that I wasn't expecting but we will deal with it. I just hope this means future worlds will have...
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    The bashing seems to be losing energy so I'll give you guys my story so you have some fat to chew on. The first war BXS had was with THC. Just like all the other tribes, we knew early on THC would be a powerhouse. We had made NAP agreements with both RND and OSK, but unlike the other tribes...