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  1. Looking For Tribe (New Player)

    I just started one. Look for Fun Tribe (FTR) or message me here with your coordinates and I'll send you a request to join. Edit: Oh and thanks guys for your help!
  2. Looking For Tribe (New Player)

    I'm talking about like other villages aka barbarians. Not my own. Is that only available if I send spies?
  3. Looking For Tribe (New Player)

    So I open the farm building and it tells me how much provisions a village has?
  4. Looking For Tribe (New Player)

    Actually, I do. How do I find out how much provisions a village has?
  5. Farm

    Ok. Thanks :)

    Problem is that nobody wants to make a new tribe in fear of getting smashed by the larger ones. But I agree! Need more smaller tribes!
  7. Looking For Tribe (New Player)

    I haven't made enough points to message ppl which is why I'm posting here. But since you suggested, I will keep working until I earn enough points. Thanks for your help!
  8. Farm

    The game explains it pretty well but does the Farm produce provisions on an hourly basis or is it a one time grant per building level?
  9. Looking For Tribe (New Player)

    Hey guys, if anybody is interested in looking for a new player that is extremely competitive, look no further because xher25x is here! I will help out who is needed. But for now, I can't since I just started out. I look forward to working with you to greatness. :D