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  1. HassledHoff

    ...Made My Day

    Please remove this post.
  2. HassledHoff

    What do you watch whilst playing?

    I haven't really been watching any series, but I have been watching some pretty awesome movies. Meet Joe Black, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Louis CK. Oh wait, I lied, I have been watching Orange is the New Black, great show.
  3. HassledHoff

    we did it for ze lul's

    Is he still going at this? Or did he realize the amount of ignorance he had? Diplomat of Union, I mean...
  4. HassledHoff

    we did it for ze lul's

    Guess he never heard of refugees. lol If anything, they should have kicked WereKnight from a proof of report... nubs
  5. HassledHoff

    Malice 1o1

    We are looking for active members to recruit to our tribe, Malice ( You may or may not be new, but either way we will welcome you. Many of us are very experienced with this game as well as others and provide guides to help ya out. If you wish to join and...