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  1. Save/Revitalize the game

    Upwards - Good post. In truth some of the things you talk about are integrated in TW1. Why you cannot bring those to tw2 is beside me. Coop system for example is completely different. In TW1 if you coop an account they prohibit interaction between your account and the account you are cooping...
  2. Crown transfer

    I know Inno is a little greedy but there really needs to be a way to transfer crowns from one user account to another. This is a feature in TW1 so there is really no reason this is not a feature on TW2 aside from being greedy
  3. Village Claiming

    This might have already made its way through the suggestion box but I want to put it back out there. As a vet from TW1 I have to say the claiming system in TW2 is horrible. Claiming in the forum wastes tons of time for both the player claiming a village and also the tribe's forum mod that has to...
  4. Release 1.93 Discussion

    This has been down for hours now. It would be faster to revert to 1.92 from the previous backup. The old build could have been brought back online within an hour allowing Dev to figure out where their bug is in 1.93