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  1. Rupea Victory Point Competition

    yes i posted reaching 5 vp 1-2 weeks ago

    so you got 100 of gm and medics and still managed to get lucky and recived 70 mol. damn i would like to have your magic resource deposit. doubt anyone else have a deposit like it. And you say you only rebuildt a nuke completly 1 time, yes its correct but how many times have you rebuildt 70-90%...

    1 wall lvl 1-20 is 2300 crowns if i remember correctly, and you insta buildt it 8-10 times not 100% sure but it should be almost this. So you say you spent 10-15k. belive this budget is crashed only by your insta wall, and we have moling 3 or 4 villas. they was small so lvl 10 pits or something...

    Just as skillfull as spending 50-100k crowns first month, pretty sure both tactics is allowed. We just prefered to do it without paying for it

    Why dont you talk about the accounts getting a ban in IKO or players telling about how many accounts they play. (PS Somehow we recived screenshots of it)

    well some players belive typing a visacard number and push accept is the true skill in this game so i wouldnt be suprised if we managed to do it again:D
  7. Rupea Realm Competitions

    i got 5 VP
  8. Rupea Realm Competitions

    What happend with your insults? seems like you start running out of it, or perhaps you finally got some help from an adult to teach you what your mom forgot about. Im just just here to chill, didnt plan to play this world. Its only because it didnt open a dom world at EN. Its better to chill...
  9. Rupea Realm Competitions

    can you please get some help, you realy need it. And i doubt i will play next dom at US server. you see real players prefer to play EN server where it actually is some competition. Not everybody is like you loving to dominate first 1-2 months by spending more money then the entire world, just to...
  10. Rupea Realm Competitions

    they left the villa in same second and im not talking about the attacks you talk about
  11. Rupea Realm Competitions

    Did you read what i said. It wasnt hitting in the same second. It went out from your villa in same second
  12. Rupea Realm Competitions

    it takes real skill to take an enemy villa when you bought troops so your troopamount is 5 times bigger as the people you attack. Belive only skill required for it is to put in your visacard number push accept and send out the attacks. your realy a noob if you cant handle it. Ps. i wonder how...
  13. Rupea Realm Competitions

    Damn. your so full of yourself, you actually have no clue about what a skilled player is, Its not skill to dominate the first month or two when you spend 50-100000 crowns its madness. Bet the reason why you only find early game intresting is that crowns isnt so effective mid/late game. So result...
  14. Rupea Realm Competitions

    Lol. have you looked at yourself in the mirror.Have you ever considered players are leaving tw2 because of players like you. Spending 50000 crowns + in th first weeks of the world. I have been playing tw2 from the beginning of the game and experienced a shitload of players quitting the game...
  15. New Issue Cant Login

    This little fellow died during his work day, Innogames staff is struggling at the moment because all pet shops is closed
  16. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Biggest problem is what type of german generals and historical happenings he used in village names etc. All of them is the worst war criminals during WW2. Not one single general/historical happening not being classified as a war criminal/criminal act against human kind And as earlier mentioned...
  17. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Dont worry im used to the ladies being fixated on me:)
  18. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Glad to see your better at poetry then playing this game
  19. Power Ranking and Predictions

    You shouldnt worry about farming issues Eijefe, do as WIN does. Coop as many accounts as you can, abuse the shit out of them before you let a tribemate internal it, you can noble the coopaccounts this tribemate have abused the shit out of.When this is done you just invite some new members and do...
  20. Power Ranking and Predictions

    Yes, we should add daily updates from top 2 tribes. Im curious about whats happening in WIN. If its something new or if the coopabuse/pushing goes on as usual